Hello and welcome!   This is where I unload my cluttered mind and find comfort through food and photography.  You can't pry me away from anything playful, serendipitous and bohemian.  I love the sound of laughter and the sound of water (even the sound of dripping water).

When I cook, it's done au pif!  In French it literally means "at the nose".  This translates to me as follow your nose.  Idiomatically it's "take a wild guess".  I see it as an analogy between cooking and living life.  Trust your instinct, improvise, and be spontaneous.

There is some basic structure into making a dish but then the rest is up to you to adjust and tinker to your liking.  You may find some things too sweet and candied, salty, or sour with a mouth-puckering effect but I leave that to you to figure it out.  Afterall, no two taste buds are alike.   Thanks for reading!

              xo Mitzi                                      

P.S.- I can't get rid of the 'ole New Yorker in me.  Living in Paris has its ways and its charms though,  so you'll find me using the imperial and metric measuring system intermittently.   And remember, the recipes I post are just guidelines.

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